Nancy McCormick (ITNCoastalCT)

The driver goes up to Ellie's door every Friday at the same time. Ellie always greets her with a smile saying "Are you here for me? Let me just collect my things." The driver explains that she's there to take her to her hair appointment.

Together they take the short ride to the hair salon where Ellie exclaims, "Why this is where I used to get my hair done!" The driver gently explains that that's why they're there! Then the driver escorts Ellie into the salon, making sure the receptionist knows that she's there and that someone will be coming to collect her in approximately 45 minutes. In 45 minutes the return ride driver shows up to take Ellie home.

Every week Ellie wants to know how much she should tip the driver, who says "No thank you. You owe me nothing." Initially Ellie tries to argue because she just tipped the "girl" who did her hair, but the driver reassures her that no tip is required. The rest of the ride home they talk about the weather, "how things used to be", or whatever doesn't require Ellie to come up with an answer to a question.

Ellie's family handles all the paperwork and scheduling, knowing that Ellie is in good hands. This is only one way that ITNCoastalCT is making a difference in the community