Susan Kallash-Bailey, Executive Director
Susan Kallash-Bailey
President/Executive Director

Susan Kallash-Bailey has been the Executive Director for ITNStCharles (Independent Transportation Network) since the fall of 2011.  Her career in the travel and event business covered 28 years; the last 18 with Maritz, Inc.  Having held a variety of roles, Susan served more recently as Vice President, Interactive Technology.  Her passion and strength were visible as she collaborated with service providers to assess, evaluate, develop, and deliver solutions to improve the quality of work life for business customers and employees.  Prior to joining ITN, Susan and her husband Ken operated an auto transport business; so transportation is part of her life blood.  As helping others is, also, part of the fabric of her life, she has embraced the mission of ITNStCharles, and is dedicated to and passionate about making a difference in the lives of older adults and adults with disabilities who are unable to drive.  Susan and her husband Ken of 28 years are loving a new phase of their life - becoming grandparents.